Stratos Shperes Game Review - makes your brain work!

Being a huge fan of Connect Four, I knew I had to give Stratos Spheres by ThinkFun a try.  Stratos Spheres is a 2-player game that takes four-in-a-row to the 3rd dimension.

Stratos Spheres loses the 2-D board and lets you build the game – and your logic skills – as you go. To start, add one of your colored spheres to the white neutral sphere and pass it to your opponent. Your opponent then adds a sphere of his/her color. This 2-player game goes back and forth until one player gets four of his/her spheres in a row – in any dimension. With its 3-D construction, Stratos Spheres takes a classic play pattern and adds a dynamic new level of strategy and fun!
As soon as my husband saw the game on our counter-top, he was intrigued.  After the kids went to bed, he asked me if I want to try the game out.  He knows that I usually beat him in Connect Four, but he quickly noticed I was struggling with Stratos Spheres.  That’s because your brain has to adjust to seeing everything in the 3rd dimension, versus just 2-D.  I kept turning the spheres around and around, considering all the possible moves and carefully strategizing.  I did end up winning, but we both agreed that Stratos Spheres is definitely for the bigger kids.

Having fun popping on the spheres and counting how many yellow ones she has in a row.
However, with that said, we did still play with our young daughters the next day and they had a great time putting the spheres together.  The 5 year-old and I played together on one team and the 7 year-old held her own against us just fine once she figured out all the different directions you go. 

Stratos Spheres is a really neat idea and definitely makes your brain work.  It’s a perfect step up from the 2-D four-in-a-row game!  I'm definitely adding it to our family game night collection, as well as to my teacher bag!

* Thank you ThinkFun for providing us a Stratos Sphere game in exchange for sharing our personal opinions and experiences with our readers.

Monthly Pepper Box Review

 We are huge fans of spicy food in our house, that includes our 5 year-old daughter!  We love trying new seasonings and sauces, so when I heard about the subscription to Monthly Pepper Box, I knew we had to try it out!  I actually used it as a Christmas present to my husband, but luckily, he's graciously shared with us and we've all been to enjoy sampling and experimenting.
Your best friend in the pursuit of all things hot sauce, Monthly Pepper Box is like having a miniature hot sauce festival delivered to your door every month. Each month discover savory gems of artisan hot sauces for only $22. Every box, you'll get 3 bottles of succulent heat ranging from a "Low Burn" to "Call the Fire Department" from hot sauce companies you've never heard of. Get 10% off your membership (Gift & Ongoing) at Monthly Pepper Box. It's the perfect box for the Pepper Head in your life, especially if that Pepper Head is you!

Each month, the company sends you three different hot sauces.  Our first three were Hell Fire Hot Sauce, Heartbreaking Dawns, and Voodoo Chile...

I found that they all had a good kick, but nothing was too terribly hot.  I actually had to use quite a lot (versus just a drop) to get a good taste of each sauce.  We mixed them in with our Chinese (on noodles and rice), on our burgers, and our chicken.   They were all great.  

The pepper box is a perfect way to try new things, add some spice to your life ;) or give as a gift.

* DexterKids was provided a 3-month subscription from Monthly Pepper Box in exchange for us sharing our personal opinions with our readers.

Own a piece of Dexter's Community Garden

 Looking for a great place to plant your vegetables and flowers? Garden this season at the City of Dexter Community Garden!

The Community Garden is located at 7651 Dan Hoey. Plots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis to City residents until May 30th. After this date, anyone in the Dexter School District can reserve a plot. To reserve a 2016 plot please complete the application.

February is all about Food, Fitness, and Fun in our House!

We kicked off the new month with our Mother Goose Time Food & Fitness theme by learning about how God Cares about My Health, as well as the Five Food Groups.

Here's a look at a few of the pictures from our week...

 Opening up our materials from Mother Goose Time - it always impresses me what cool manipulatives they include in our curriculum!

Adding our new global friends to the world map!
Exploring Grains

Making a sandwich!


 ...and protein!!

Discovering Food & Fitness in our More Math & More Literacy books...

 ...and also through the Experience God curriculum!

Check back with DexterKids next week, as we get "In the Kitchen!"


LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Michigan today announced that it will celebrate its highly anticipated opening on March 24-25. The attraction will host a special ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, March 24, and open its doors to the public for the first time on Friday, March 25. Hayley Anderson, general manager for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan, made the announcement.
LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan will be a 32,000-square-foot indoor attraction at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills, featuring millions of LEGO bricks and themed exhibits including a 4D cinema, two interactive rides, large soft play areas and much more. 
“We are looking forward to opening our doors to children and families who are looking to experience a world of color, creativity and imagination,” said Hayley Anderson, general manager for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan. “LEGO has a long history of encouraging learning through play, and we believe that our attraction will soon be an integral part of the fabric of the Southeast Michigan community.”
The attraction will feature a MINILAND display, Inspired by the metro Detroit region’s sights and culture. MINILAND is a miniature LEGO brick landscape of local buildings, attractions and other notable landmarks, and is one of the most highly anticipated displays at each new LEGOLAND Discovery Center. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan’s MINILAND will include the GMRENCEN, Spirit of Detroit, Belle Isle, Motown Museum, Fox theater, Guardian Building, Comerica Park, Uniroyal Tire, Michigan Central Station, and the Heidelberg Project.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and will be available online prior to the attraction’s opening date. Walk-up admittance will not be available. For more information about ticket sales, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Michigan events and activities, or for more information, please visit or on Facebook at

We packed up and went on a (pretend safari)!

Our Mother Goose Time homeschool curriculum theme for January was "Going on Safari."   We may not have gone far from home, but we sure had a lot of awesome adventures!  

Here's just a few pictures from our fun during the first week of lessons...

First up...We need a passport and somewhere to go...

2nd on the list...Packing Up

3rd...Actually going!  
(We stayed over one night at the hotel down the street!)

Game Reserve...wild animals!
 Deer, cat, and rabbit outside our hotel room!!

Safari hat and packing game...

 Spying giraffes, lions, rhinos, and elephants, oh my!

Up next..."Food & Fitness" in February.