Best Church Rummage Sale Around!! Totally worth the stop!

Label Daddy - 10% Off! Just in time for camp!

With our daughters both in school now, I've realized that I need labels for everything!!  And just today, we left my daughter's coat at the library - I hope it's still there...

And not even just for things that we take out of the house, but I've ended up labeling many of the girls' personal belongings in an effort to lessen the fighting about whom the item belongs to.

As you are planning for summer camps, here's a great deal for you on labels...

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Learning + Fun = A Great Spring Break!

Learning about Bird Food.  MGT supplied the rubber worm, I supplied the chick.
Made an owl and then used MGT's number cards to make a number sentence and do some math!

Gymnastics Tuesday

 Get Out and Try Something New Wednesday

Building a house with our natural playground materials.

5 year-old learns how to ride a 2-wheeler!

 Visit with the Grandparents Thursday

A lot of spoiling by the relatives, a full belly, and 5 hours in the car will put anyone to sleep!

Crafty (Messy!) Friday

Finger painting an Easter Basket which came in an extra Day Bag that MGT provided for the Holiday.
 This is the difference between a 3 year-old and a 5 year-old's painting technique!

Decorating eggs with a kit that I bought on clearance last year. 
The dye went through the egg shell.

Super Science Saturday

Why my husband chose to have a water balloon sucked into a water bottle instead of an egg, I don't know.  I was too busy videotaping and panicking at the same time to get a picture of them lighting the paper on fire!
Milk, food coloring, and a tad of dish soap!
Not exactly Super Science, but a fun way to end the night - reading books in a fort!

Palm Sunday

Celebrating Arbor Day in Dexter with a Free Seedling!

Dexter's Easter Eggstravaganza, April 19, 2014

Click on image to make larger.
Thanks to their generous sponsors, the first 100 tickets will be available for free.  For details on how to get yours, head over to now.

Soaring into April with our Mother Goose Time Activities!

We get so many visitors around our house (frogs, snakes, deer, sandhill cranes, foxes, mice, rabbits, coyotes, hawks, turkey vultures, blackbirds, cats, etc), but this little guy is definitely our favorite! 

He returns to us every year and at first we simply called him "Bluebird," but for three seasons now, he has rightfully earned the name "Crazybird."  His tree is right outside our large kitchen window, and he comes knocking (more like banging) several times a day.  Drives our indoor cats nuts!

This month were learning about birds and eggs with our Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum, so we've been having a lot of fun with these feathered friends.  Just outside of our school room is a tree with three nests.  It'll be neat to observe who will make their home in it this year.

I start every day by checking out what came in our MGT Day Bag and spreading out all the materials on our school table.  I often go through the house and find any additional materials that we can also include to go along with the lessons.  Sometimes, I even send the girls to do that task - to go on a hunt in search of items that relate to the specific theme.  I love that we were able to incorporate our Easter decorations into our lessons this week about eggs and hatchlings!
While we all took part in the different discussions pertaining to all of the activities, the youngest got to decorate, create, and act out all things related to birds...and the oldest got to...

... hold one!!!

Now's the time of year to visit the farms, or in our case, the local tractor supply store for your chance to hold a little chick!

For awesome ideas and activities on helping your preschooler soar through the month, check out Mother Goose Time's Facebook page!

Easter Egg Scramble at Hudson Mills - April 13, 2014

Who:  Kids 12 and under

What:  Easter egg hunt with farm animals, face painting, and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Where:  Hudson Mills Activity Center

When:  Sunday, April 13, 2014, 12pm - 2pm

Cost:  Tickets in advance:  $4 Kids (12 and under), call the Hudson Mills Park Office at (734) 426-8211. $6 at the door.