We Rode the Slide!! -- And it was so much fun! An absolute must-do this summer for kids and adults of all ages!

I've been reading the comments on Mlive about "Slide the City" and am so glad we decided to avoid it in downtown Ann Arbor this weekend.  Granted, it sounded like fun, and I'm sure it was a neat experience for those who went on it, but with "Ride the Slide" at Hudson Mills in Dexter, we opted for that instead.  "Ride the Slide" was a blast and combined with a picnic, playground, frisbee, and sand volleyball, we had an extremely relaxing and enjoyable day!

We went on Sunday, July 5 from 4pm-7pm.  The weather was gorgeous.  I expected the line to be long, given the sunshine on the holiday weekend, but was willing to at least risk it at Hudson Mills because if the kids didn't want to stand in line, they could play at the park instead.  We were able to check the line out first before deciding if we wanted a single ride or unlimited.  To our surprise, the park was pretty empty and there were only a few other riders (if any).

We started the kids off with the $10 unlimited pass and Grandma with a $2 single-ride, but after the first ride, Grandma went back to pay the other $8 to upgrade to the unlimited!  Tickets are available for purchase right next to the slide.  Just before you begin your ascent to the top, you get sprayed down (slightly) by a hose.  There is also someone at the top that sprays the slide before you ride down.


I really liked that there was a pavilion near the slide and that it wasn't far from the playground.  We were able to enjoy our picnic and let the kids run free, coming and going on the slide as they wished.

Playground to the west, slide to the east, sand courts to the north, open field to the south.
Those that weren't riding the slide were regretting their decision, as it just looked like so much fun!  I was one of those.  I will definitely be going back with the kiddos this summer - multiple times, I'm sure!

The pictures and those smiles say it all...!!!

My 4 yr-old niece was scared to go down by herself the first time, so they let Grandma take her, but after that, pure joy took over the fear...!


Running back around to do it again!

Click here for slide hours and prices.

Dinosaur Day at the Library - July 10, 2015

Dexter District Library

 Author, Paleontologist and Storyteller PaleoJoe dresses the part of a "Digger" and introduces animals, plants, and creatures that have been extinct for millions of years. His high-energy program brings life to these creatures of long ago.  Joseph Kchodl, creator of the popular Dinosaur Detective Club series of chapter books really does dig up dinosaurs. He thrills the audience with tales of the prehistoric and brings dinosaurs to life with a T Rex tooth, a Velociraptor skull, dinosaur puppets and a variety of amazing fossils. 

Dinosaur Day is a 45 minute program geared for ages 4 and up.

Ice Cream Day at the Library- July 8, 2015

Dexter District Library

Summer Concert Schedule - Downtown Dexter on Friday Evenings

June 26: Billy Mack & The Juke Joint Johnnies. Local roots-rock quartet, led by former Starlight Drifters singer-guitarist Mack, whose repertoire includes originals and rockabiliy, early rock 'n' roll, western swing, and hillbilly pop covers.

July 3: Randy Brock Group. Detroit blues trio.

July 10: Flying Latini Brothers. Reunion of this veteran local band fronted by singer-songwriter John Latini that plays country-flavored rock, along with some Tom Waits songs and other offbeat covers.

July 17: Salmagundi. Memphis-style rock 'n' roll.

July 24: Sexy Monster. Veteran Detroit funk-rock fusion dance quintet fronted by vocalist Debbie Porchiran.

July 31: The Invasion. British Invasion cover quartet from Redford.

August 7: Men in Black. Local classic rock band.

Hosted by the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce.
6:30 - 9:30 pm, Monument Park gazebo, downtown Dexter.


A juggler will perform for children of all ages.

Mother Goose Visits the Library July 3, 2015

Dexter District Library
Dexter District Library

“Mother Goose” Trudy Bulkley, accompanied by a very fine gander, will be coming to the Library to present her popular preschool story time. Trudy has been telling stories for 20 years using poetry, rhyme, imagination and humor. 

Audience participation is a must.  

Refreshments will be served following the program.

'Experience God' Curriculum Newlsetters & Activities - Wonderful for the Whole Family!

Each month Mother Goose Time includes four newsletters with their curriculum.  One for each week/topic.  This month we're studying "God Cares About My Home" featuring "My Father's House."  

For each week, each family receives a newsletter with a discussion and activity on one side of the paper and a coloring sheet on the other.  

My daughters are 4 and 6.  We've loved using Experience God for two years now and have often even had our older friends and cousins join in.  The curriculum is real easy to modify for whatever age your child is.  I personally like asking the discussion questions over dinner.

With a super busy start to our summer, we didn't get around to the curriculum until the end of the month this time, so we did all four topics in one morning.  Here's some pictures of us having fun doing the activities while learning about how "God Cares About My Home..."

Heaven is My Home
Telling the story of Jesus in the temple.

My Father's House
A prayer jar for our friends and family members that we hope will decide to love Jesus.

Earth is Temporary
 "Leave Your Bags" - As we flipped over a number card, we added a bear to the bucket.  We continued until someone turned over the cloud card, at which time we imagined we are all going to heaven and must leave everything behind.

Party In Heaven 
Putting the cube together for our "Party Roll" game.

 The cube had directions on it such as twirl around, stand on one leg, or stand on your head.  Our goal was to last 15 seconds without falling, then we could celebrate.

 For more information about Experience God or to get the full curriculum, please visit MotherGooseTime.com.

Hudson Mills Fireworks - July 1, 2015

Display will begin at dusk, Music by Tv's Disc Jockey 
will begin at 7pm. 

Food concessions available beginning at 3pm.


*Note: Vehicles without an Annual Metropark Vehicle pass will be charged a $10 daily vehicle event fee after 5pm.

Metropark Vehicle Entry Permits are required:   
$7/Daily, $30/Annual, $20/Senior Citizens (62 and over).