Dexter's Trick-or-Treat Hours 2014

 Trick-or-Treat hours in Dexter, Michigan 
are from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

MGT- "Weather Around Us" - Enjoying the Season(s)!

We continued our preschool curriculum from Mother Goose Time this month by learning about the different seasons - we sure felt like Mother Nature was giving them all to us this month!

We had rain and rainbows, temps around 70 degrees, leaves falling, and our first flakes of snow.  Luckily, we had all sorts of fun activities to go along with all the crazy weather thanks to MGT.

How do you think rainbows are made?

What do you think makes the rain stop falling?

What is your favorite color in the rainbow?

  Peek-a-Boo, Spring is Here!

I wonder what snow smells like?  
This little "Snow Princess" is going to find out...

I wonder what it tastes like?

I wonder what it feels like?

How do you think snow is made?

The new MGT curriculum book offers a space for you to record daily notes.

How do you push?

How do you pull?

 Making a sled for Olaf and Anna...

 "Check the Weather" Game

 Counting the sun's rays...

Sorting and counting leaves...

 How can you blow like the wind?

Making a windy collage...

Happy Autumn!

Besides the regular MGT preschool curriculum that we get each month, we also receive one of the Add-Ons, their Christian program, Experience God.  Here is just a sampling  of the projects we did this month while learning about being brave from Queen Esther.

October = Fire Safety Month and Halloween

Besides our regular Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum for the month, "Weather Around Us," MGT also supplied us with some bonus days covering fire safety and Halloween. 

The fire department recently came to my 1st grader's school to talk to the students about fire safety.  My daughter came home so excited to teach her little sister and I what she learned from the firefighter, but at the same time, the younger one was thrilled she could share what she learned from MGT!  This brought us together as a family to once again go over escape plan. 

And it just so happens, we drove by the Hamburg Fire Station when they were having their open house last weekend, so we had to stop in...

Some questions from MGT to get the conversation started with your family about fire safety...

What would you do if you saw smoke?
How do you know where to go?
Where would you go if you needed to get out of a room?  
What does a fire truck look like?
What do you think can put out fires?
What would you do if your clothes caught fire?
How do you think emergency vehicles like fire trucks  know where ti go when there is a fire?

If you missed the Hamburg Fie Department Open House, you can still catch Scio Township's Fire Department Halloween Party this Sunday from 1-4pm.

As for some of our Halloween Activities...

Here we are painting paper plates to make pumpkins...

 ...and our feet to make ghosts!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!