October = Fire Safety Month and Halloween

Besides our regular Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum for the month, "Weather Around Us," MGT also supplied us with some bonus days covering fire safety and Halloween. 

The fire department recently came to my 1st grader's school to talk to the students about fire safety.  My daughter came home so excited to teach her little sister and I what she learned from the firefighter, but at the same time, the younger one was thrilled she could share what she learned from MGT!  This brought us together as a family to once again go over escape plan. 

And it just so happens, we drove by the Hamburg Fire Station when they were having their open house last weekend, so we had to stop in...

Some questions from MGT to get the conversation started with your family about fire safety...

What would you do if you saw smoke?
How do you know where to go?
Where would you go if you needed to get out of a room?  
What does a fire truck look like?
What do you think can put out fires?
What would you do if your clothes caught fire?
How do you think emergency vehicles like fire trucks  know where ti go when there is a fire?

If you missed the Hamburg Fie Department Open House, you can still catch Scio Township's Fire Department Halloween Party this Sunday from 1-4pm.

As for some of our Halloween Activities...

Here we are painting paper plates to make pumpkins...

 ...and our feet to make ghosts!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Storytime at the Dexter Library, Oct. 25


MGT "Weather Around Us" - Clouds

Today we learned about the Letter C using our Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum materials and ideas.  After circle time (calendar, weather, intro to the Letter C, and a song), I made a large C on the floor using tape.  Putting their gross motor skills to use, the girls rolled a cotton ball along the path and whenever I said a "C" word, they crawled like a cat.

I asked the girls what happens if clouds are on the ground and was even able to point out the fog that was still left outside.  Then they put cotton balls on their LEGO structures to make it a cloudy day in LEGO land!  

We talked about what some of their favorite outdoor activities are and drew a picture on the cover of their MGT journal.  The girls get really excited to fill out these journals, it's hard to hold them back from completing it all at one sitting.

Drawing a picture of herself playing on the swings!
Next, we did some super fun (yet very easy!) science experiments...We discussed what we think clouds are made of and talked about what shapes we've seen in the sky.   

"Look Mom, I made a heart shape cloud!"
 I asked a lot of "I wonder" questions...  I wonder how we can make the sponge heavy or light and I wonder what happens if you squeeze the sponge quickly or if you squeeze it slowly.   The girls made several predictions and had a blast exploring with the water and sponges.

MGT supplied us with some starch noodles and by using a damp cloth and getting the noodles wet, the girls could stick them together and make cloud shapes.

At the end, I just let them go at it and do their own experiments - they wanted to see what happens if you completely soak the noodles and what would happen if you squish them all together.

 They concluded that the noodles dissolve, but not before making a mess!  :)

Spooktacular Halloween Party at English Gardens

Who: Kids ages 3 thru 12.

What:  Come dressed in your Halloween costume and bring a pre-decorated pumpkin for judging in our annual contest.

Where:  All English Garden stores

When:  Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 11:30am

Cost:  Free

MGT "Weather Around Us" - Day 1 Sunshine

The girls and I were elated when the Mother Goose Time school bus once again arrived on our doorstep last week!  The preschool theme this month is "Weather Around Us," which happens to be quite advantageous for us, since that's also the science topic our first grader is studying at school.  Not only will this make my four-year old feel "cool" that she's learning especially important things like Big Sis, but we can also use the lessons with the 6 year-old to corroborate what she is doing.

As for the weather outside, we've had all kinds this week - making our MGT lessons particularly easy for real-world connections.  

Day 1 = Sunshine

We discussed how we think the sun helps us to see, and then we explored and experimented with flashlights.  We took turns crawling under a table and shining the light on our nametags.

To demonstrate how the suns warms the earth, we placed two bowls of water outside, one warm and one with ice.  We counted how many ice cubes were in the one bowl and predicted what would happen over the next 15 minutes.  We kept checking back until all of the ice had melted.  We did this every day throughout the week to see if the same number of ice cubes would melt faster or slower depending on the temperature.  The girls drew and explained to me what was happening.

We used the "Look and Find" poster to find similarities and differences between the four seasons.  

"Why can't we see the sun at night" is not exactly an easy thing for a preschooler to comprehend, but when they have materials to help them work through the thought process, all of a sudden the explanation makes much more sense.  

MGT supplied us with materials to create a visual of the earth and show how day and night work.  We first looked at a world map (also supplied by MGT) to examine the different shapes of the land masses and then we looked at where different kinds of animals live.  The 6 year-old chose to make Michigan and put a sticker of fish on it because of all of our lakes.  Why there is a zebra in the water, I don't know.

Testing it out!

Stay with DexterKids to see what other topics we examine this month and what our preschool friends think about this curriculum...