Pinckney Spooktacular, October 16, 2015, 6-8pm  Everyone!

What:  Schedule includes: Spooky Forest, Refreshments, Music by Southern Drawl, Trunk or Treat, Spooky Games, and a Costume contest with prizes @ 7:00 pm.  Categories for Costume contest are: 12 & under, 13 & up, and Group/Theme.

Where:  Downtown Pinckney

When:  Friday, October 16, 2015 from 6pm – 8pm.
             The Spooky Forest is just a few spooky steps away to the
             southeast of the square from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Cost:  Free!

More Info:

Super Spooktacular Comedy Show at the DDL on October 10, 2015

"In the Orchard" Day 1 - Seed

 A new month means a new theme in our house and this month we are learning about things "In the Orchard" with our Mother Goose Time curriculum.  More specifically, the life cycle of a tree, fruit trees, skins and shells, and animals in an orchard.

Starting us off with Day One is the seed...

First, we talked about what we think a seed looks like and examined different kinds using our hands and tweezers.

Then, we made some apple seed art.

Next, we guessed how many seeds are in an apple and then cut one open to find the answer.  The kids decided there were five seeds within the star shape.

Of course by cutting an apple open, we had to explore further and see what else we can do with the apple, so we experimented with peeling them and making our own apple juice and applesauce!

We ended the hour by enjoying the fruits of our labor ;) and doing a few pages in our workbook from MGT that goes along with the orchard theme.  

Michigan Renaissance Festival Review- A Great Time! Michigan Renaissance Festival is over for 2015, and I feel terrible getting this up at the end of it, but with a Kindergartner who seems to have caught every germ out there this season, I had no choice but to send my mom, aunt, and cousin last minute without us.  They go every year, and despite the cold and rain this last weekend, they had a great time!  If nothing else, keep the fair in mind for next year.

My cousin's favorite thing is the shopping and checking out all the different artists.  She loves the jewelry. 

My mom enjoys the costumes and says my daughters have to go for that reason alone.  The workers wear them, but so many of the visitors sport them as well. 

My aunt likes the entertainment, especially the jousting. 

Everyone loves the food!  Here's just a sampling of some of the good stuff the festival serves up...Gourmet hotdogs and fries, a melon stack, 100 layer cinnamon rolls, chicken & corn waffles, the famous turkey drumsticks, scotch eggs...the list goes on and on, I don't know anyone can make up their mind.  You'd have to go back multiple days just to satisfy your craving for all the delicious and unique bites.

A giant pickle!
Throughout the season, each weekend has a different theme to it, such as High Seas Adventure or Wonders of the World.  This last weekend, when my family attended, the theme was Sweet Endings, featuring a chocolate festival (with free samples!), a cupcake crusade, a fencing competition, and wine tasting!

I may not have made it to the festival this year, but with the new school germs behind us, we have every intention of being there next year!  BTW, for those that can't wait, in the mean time, you can check out Halloween in Hollygrove!

** Thank you to the Renaissance Festival and US Family Guide for providing DexterKids with tickets in exchange for sharing our experience with our readers!

Hudson Mills Halloween Fun, Sun. Oct 18, 2015

Who:  Kids of all ages! 

What:  Make cider, take a hayride, and create “spooky” crafts. These kid friendly activities will get you in the Halloween spirit.

Where:  Hudson Mills Metropark activity center

When: Sunday, October 18, 2015 from either 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

Cost:  Fee: $6 per child/$3 per adult.  Admission is by advance ticket purchase only. Tickets are limited and available for purchase starting October 1 at the park office.

Review:  We've attended several times and always enjoyed ourselves!

DexterKids Checks Out Zap Zone Ann Arbor!

Technically, this Fun Center has an Ypsilanti address, but it's considered the Ann Arbor location.  There are eight locations total in southeast Michigan.

We've been hearing about Zap Zone and Laser Tag for awhile now, but I always figured the girls were too young or wouldn't have much interest in it.  Boy, was I totally wrong - they were all over that place! Thank you Zap Zone for inviting us to come check out all that your place has to offer and for providing us with such an awesome experience to share with our readers.

The girls are 5 and 7 and both kept up just fine with all the activities, even leaving mom in the dust during laser tag!  Zap Zone is a great family place for kids (although over 5 is recommended) and adults of all ages.  We actually had so much fun, that we signed up to host the girls' birthday parties there this summer!  (Check back in July for a review on that!)

I was having too much fun to take time out from the attractions to snap pictures, but hopefully there's enough here to give you an idea of all that there is to do.  Figure on easily spending about two hours if you do everything.

First up, we gave the bumper cars a whirl.  The youngest loved the fact that she could drive her own and smash into Mom & Dad.  They both said "Again!" after the first run.

Next up, we headed to the Cannon Blaster.  The girls had as much fun collecting the balls as they did shooting them, and of course, the black light is so very cool!  This is one I wanted try again, as I felt like I could do much better with my aim the second time around.

As we waited for our color to be called for laser tag, we explored the arcade and picked out what games we wanted to play.

This is the only picture I have from our laser adventure, as there was no way I was going to risk getting tagged!  My husband, DiscoStu (his tag name), is looking over the score sheet with our daughter, Bubbles.  I was Urp and my other daughter was Wise Guy.  These seem to have become our nicknames for each of us around our house this week. 

We ended with 16 tokens each for the arcade.  There were plenty of games for each of us to find and enjoy.  Here's a look at how we ended our family fun day...

Collecting our tokens.

Our favorite game!
We didn't win at this claw machine, but...
...we did from this one!
That's a lot of tickets from one game...
...and wow, is she happy!
Now, deciding what to get with all those tickets is the hard part.

The oldest is saving up for a Frozen toy, no wait, she changed her mind, a Barbie toy!  Such tough decisions!

If you haven't been to Zap Zone Fun Center, it's totally worth checking out.  Besides the enjoyment and excitement of it all, it's clean, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and it's actually reasonably priced.  Located right across the street from the Ann Arbor location is Rave Cinemas, so you could even catch a movie with the family before or after.

For more information, check out Ann Arbor's Zap Zone website, or Facebook page.