Dinosaur Mania in our Home - and Some Awesome Homeschool Organizational Tips!

As we are coming to an end with our Mother Goose Time Dinosaur unit, here's a look at how the dinosaurs have been taking over our house...

Dinosaur graphing!
Self-portrait - with a tail!
Noodle Skeleton!

More Bones!

 Ahh - watch out!!

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Buzz On In!
Buzz On In!

Mom with a Dandeloin in her Hair
Mom with a Dandelion in her Hair

Preschool Movie at the Dexter Library, Jan. 30

This month's preschool movie being shown at the Dexter District Library will be  
The Little Mermaid.  

It is rated G with a run time of 83 minutes.

Bring a pillow, a blanket or a favorite cuddly friend, raisins will be served instead of popcorn.

God Seeks Me to Seek Him

After church today, we came home and continued Sunday School in our kitchen and living room.   Our theme from Mother Goose Time this month is "God Asks Me to Seek Him" and features "The Parable of the Talents."  

 Materials supplied by MGT for this month's theme.

Here are the activities from the first section, Treasures in Heaven... You can do one a day or in our case, all at once.  Each activity is only about 10 minutes.

I read the story cards...

...and asked my daughters how Mom and Dad use money.  They said we buy them clothes and food.  I explained that God gives us each many gifts and talents so that we can serve Him and others.


Activity:  A Lot or a Little Blessing, Matthew 25: 14 -15
Question:  What do you have that is special to you?  Why is it special?

How does it feel to have different amounts of money?  One daughter has $5 and the other has $3.
Explanation:  Whether God blesses us with a lot or a little, we can all be grateful and good stewards.  This means that we take good care of the gifts He gives us.


Activity:  Double It, Matthew 25:  16-17
Question:  What does it mean to double something? 

 We used our MGT money for the activity of doubling (rolling a die, counting out that much money and deciding if we want to keep it or take a job and earn double the amount), but continued the lesson with our tortilla dough!

Explanation:  God has given us hands, feet, and a mind.  We can use these to be helpers and do His work.  Then, our blessings will double.


Activity:  Hole of Fear, Matthew 25:18
Question:  What are you afraid to lose?

 I hid the letter "L" under the blanket.  Once my daughter found it and thought of words that start with that letter, we discussed if that word represents something valuable.  She had so much fun playing this, that she took it upon herself to hide things under the blanket and make Mom go searching for them!

Explanation:  God does not want us to bury the gifts He has given us.  He wants us o use them in ways that bring Him glory.


Activity:  Start with a Little, Matthew 25:19
Question:  Is it better to be given a lot or a little?

I gave my daughter directions for carrying one egg a specific way, then then two, then four. Each time I praised her for how well she did.
Explanation:  It is not better to have a lot or a little, it is only better to take very good care of whatever God has chosen to give you.


Activity:  5 Coins + Bag
Question:  What is more valuable than money?

I gave my daughter one coin and talked about how God's love is more valuable than money.  Then, I gave her another coin to help her remember that God's forgiveness is more important than money, and a third coin to remember that seeking God is more important than money.  In the end, we collected a few more coins and talked about ways we could use the money to show God's love to others.
Explanation:  Jesus came here to love, not to have a fancy room and toys.

Prayer:  Father God, Thank you for giving me many gifts and talents.  Help me to always seek you for more ways to use them that bring you glory.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

These activities and many more, can be found in Mother Goose Time's Experience God preschool curriculum.

I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year.

Trivia Night - Jan. 23, 2014 @ 7pm


Chillin' at the Mills - Jan. 24, 2015

Who:  Everyone!

What:  You will forget that it is cold outside when you come to Hudson Mills. Try your hands (and feet at snow shoeing, snow snake tossing, Klondike racing, and see dog sled demos, or explore your senses on a scavenger hunt. (Activities subject to change due to weather conditions.) Then warm up inside next to the wood stove with a hot chocolate, while making a take home craft. This family program is open to scout groups as well. Brownies will earn the Senses badge while Juniors will complete activities for the Journey Get Moving: Energy Insights from Wilderness & Wildlife.

WhereHudson Mills Metropark

When:  Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 11:00am

Cost:  $3 per person/$7.50 with lunch.

Preschool Palentologists!

This month we're palentologists!

We have our Field Journals...

Our books...


... and our specimans.

We're exploring...

We kicked off our Dinosaur unit by taking a trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History.

While we were at the Natural History Museum, my daughter asked "What happens if this stuff came to life?"  A perfect and fun movie to help answer that question and go along with our preschool theme is 'Night of the Museum.'

...and putting the pieces together!

I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year.