Discovered a Tree Frog Today!

This blog is about discovering all that this area has to offer and learning new things, right? Well, today we learned "Cope's Gray Treefrog," aka "Hyla chrysoscelis" inhabits the area.

We found him on our deck this afternoon and transported "Dorothy Hopper" (a name given to him by our mini scientists today!) to our yard. We put him in the grass, but near dirt, wood chips and a tree, to give him many options for finding a new home. We stayed a few minutes to observe what he would choose, and it was the tree! He blended in perfectly!

Many things were learned from such a simple observation - what a "Cope's Gray Treefrog" looks and feels like, where it lives, how it protects itself from predators with camouflage, and the difference between frogs and toads.

Here are two links for you, if ever you see this little guy hopping near you...!

Cope's Gray Treefrog

Frogs Vs. Toads